How to Become a Successful Mentor

How to Become a Successful Mentor

Anyone can become a mentor – as long as he or she is open to the concept of mentoring. The aspiring mentor should be more than willing to perform the tasks involved in mentoring another individual. Know that mentoring involves more than just teaching what the materials say to another individual. There are lots of tasks involved such as studying in-depth about the material or monitoring the progress of the individual being mentored. The more willing the mentor is when it comes to the mentoring task, the more positive the impact will be to the individual being mentored. Positive results can then be expected.


Becoming a mentor is definitely not easy. The mentor needs to be more than just an individual to look up to. As the mentor, you have to become the well-versed and trusted adviser that the student can go to for help. You are the guru, the guide, the confidante, or the consultant. If it is in terms of business, you are the one who will be training a younger colleague the ropes of the company. It is your job to guide the younger colleague about the inner workings of the business as someone who has been in the company longer. You also have to make sure that you do not just speed ahead with the mentoring, leaving the younger colleague behind. There should be progress seen, especially in the performance of the younger colleague. Since progress is expected, that means you have to do your best in your mentoring and monitor your younger colleague’s work closely.

In order to become a good mentor, there are habits you have to acquire or home. One of them would be active listening. It might take energy but you have to actively listen to what your mentorees are saying or asking about. Another habit is dedication toward success. Both the mentor and mentoree must face forward with success in mind. If either one is thinking of failure, then the mentoring activity will definitely have no progress. The mentor should be a curious individual as well. People who are curious naturally tend to follow the philosophy of “if there’s a will, there’s a way”. If you are curious about something, you will end up looking for ways to get answers. This habit should be essential to both mentor and mentoree. Lastly, the mentor should have a great sense of responsibility. As a mentor, you should be ready to take responsibility not only for mentoring your younger colleague but also for the mistakes that might happen during the whole endeavor.

Being a mentor is definitely a challenging job. You have to go through a lot of hassle and trouble just to achieve the successful result expected of your mentoree. There are a lot of things you have to do to become an efficient mentor as well. Be as dedicated as you can be with your job so that you can achieve positive results. No matter what challenges you may need to face, as long as you hold on and consistently pursue excellence in whatever you do, then you will receive a reward worth all of the time and effort you invested in the mentoring task.

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